Make Your Text Upside Down

Since I really love using facebook I found something that you could do to put some twist with your facebook status updates. And aside from playing from tons and tons of facebook games putting some twist with your updates could add more fun with your facebook past time. What I am talking about is how to make your text written upside down. As I search my favorite forum site for tools that I may used, I come up with a list that you may use making your text upside down.

Listed below are sites that you may use.

1. Sevenwires
2. Sherv
3. Cheesy Games
4. Fliptext
5. Flip a Text

You may visit the site listed above on how to use this cool tool. And you'll see it is just easy as A B C.

By the way to know more updates with facebook you could add me up. ME.

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Merry Christmas To Everyone

In behalf of the blogging community here in the Philippines, Winziph wanted to extend his greetings to all. May we all have a wonderful and Merry Merry Christmas. May we receive all the happiness and blessings throughout the year.

A time to share peace to each and everyone. Keeping in mind the spirit of Christmas is about sharing and letting go of all the things that gave us a hard time. Life is about happiness, it's not about how many times you succeed but how many times you made a difference making others life more happy to live.

Let us make a difference and start making smiles.

Its the time for us to be blessings to others, to make them smile in our own simple ways.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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I really got hook playing my personal christmas gift SONY PSP 3001 and I am really sorry for a quite late updates. By the way I would like to share one of my favorite PSP console game TEKKEN 6, though I got a hard time looking for quality patch game compatible with my SONY PSP 3001 I had arrived at one of link that really works for me and most probably work for you too. As for the christmas spirit of sharing.

Just another tip for those interested with SAVED Games and wanted to immediately unlock all lock categories of your chosen game, you may visit and just search for the save game you are looking for and have fun that's all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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After a month of having my PSP-3000 I am now getting to used of it. Aside from playing games, I found ways on how to appreciate my PSP more. It is by customizing your PSP Theme to a more sleeker and cool look.

Installing your customize theme is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. After you downloaded your chosen theme you could see a file named "name.ptf". After that place .ptf file to your memory card PSP folder then to Themes and then your done.

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ESPN now launches this years ESPN STAR CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS and again Filipino's were lucky to have our very own pride nominated as one of ESPN Stars "Manny PACMAN Pacquiao"

Cast your votes and support our very own Manny Pacquiao to mark as another pride of our own race as Filipino.

Visit ESPN STAR CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS to vote. For the honor of our country Philippines let us give our 100% support with are very own "Manny Pacquiao" and earn the pride of being Filipino.

Note: You may vote as many times as you like.

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Prayers for Maguindanao Victims

In behalf of the Filipino blogging community I would like to dedicated this post to all victims of the brutal Maguindanao Massacre. I, as Filipino was really disappointed with my fellow Filipino brothers who merciless kill innocent people. I pray for their souls.

And to all victims may they rest in peace and may they seek justice.

Its familiar for us that more power means more evil that is why I wanted to seek within the heart of the ruthless soul who have done this immoral act to seek far beyond power. It's our duty to do good, to serve and be a model to all. I pray that this would be the last.

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Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips

As I go through with my web checking habit I had come across with Tipid Squad Mini Contest with Googles Search Engine. Tipid Squad generally focuses with budgeting tips. Mainly their mini contest is about optimizing Tipid Squad keyword "Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips".

According to them there will be three winners with the said contest from where winners will be the top three entries with search engine. The contest is open to all Filipino living here in Philippines and will end this Christmas December 25, 2009.

Anyway this is just for fun so why not try.

For more details you may visit their site or simply Budget Tips.

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Got this day my very own new game console named, Sony PSP 3000. I had bought this console as my personal reward for this year and as well treat myself a bit. As of this time I am trying to experiment what could this multimedia gadget can give me aside for gaming but as well for its entertainment feature. Though I am just new with PSP 3000 I would like to share some of my favorite game titles that I have installed with my new PSP console.

Here's my list:

1. NBA Live 2010 and 2k10: Basketball fan lol.
2. Fight Night Round 3: Been a fan of boxing since Filipino's were getting famous because of it. Go Manny Pacquiao.
3. Disgaea, Final Fantasy: Love Role Playing Games.
4. Naruto Akatsuki Rising and Naruto Ultimate Heroes: Anime Fanatic anyway.
5. Need For Speed and Poker: Least love and I could say somehow worth playing for.
6. God of War: Although this is too violent for a game, I'm sure you'll going to like the graphics of it.

That's for all, I guess I'll share more soon as I get familiar with this console.

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November 15, 2009 is another big event for this year because of Pacquiao's Fire Power bout with Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto. Another awaited fight not by just boxing fans but also all Filipino's here in the Philippines and abroad. This time, Philippines Pride Manny Pacquiao will try to grab his 7th world boxing title against Miguel Cotto.

Catch Fire Power via HBO pay per view and good news to all PLDT MyDSL subscriber because they may catch Pacquiao Cotto Live via PLDT MyDSL watchpad for FREE. And for those online aficionados out there Winziph would try to look for an online live streaming here in the net so that everyone could catch up and get an updated view of what's up with Pacquio Cotto match. Just stay tuned here for updates and I'll try my best to look and share Pacquio Cotto Live links.

By the way, I am calling all Filipino to support our very own Manny Pacquiao. Let us pray for his victory. His victory would always be our own pride.

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Sesame Street

As I open up google I notice their google doodle about one of the longest running educational show for kids. Last time I saw Big Birds Legs between Google letters and now saw cookie monsters face, I wonder who might be next. Sesame Street is one of my unforgettable childhood experience and my favorite Sesame Street Character back then is Mr. Kermit the Frog the Frog that jumps and jumps lol. Anyway, why Sesame Street's with Googles Doodle, it is because Sesame Street celebrates their 40th Anniversary this November. Sesame Street started November 10, 1969 and this coming November 10, 2009 is their 40th year. Happy Anniversary Sesame Street.

A bit of facts about Sesame Street characters.

Bert and Ernie: Bert and Ernie are not brothers they are just roommates. Bert and Ernie color and appearance signifies something. Bert as Banana and Ernie as Orange.

Oscar the Grouch: Is named after Oscar Brand a musician and one of the early board members of the Childrens Workshop during Sesame Street Development.

Big Bird: He is not a muppet member of Sesame Street because muppets were played with hands hence Big Bird was played as mascot. Big Birds height is 8 foot 2 inch tall.

Cookie Monster: Aside for the love of Cookies, Cookie Monsters birthday is November 2.

Count Von Count: The counting vampire. Also known as The Count. Nothing special but to influence children to love counting.

By the way to learn more of Sesame Street you may visit their official site at

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Happy Birthday Friends For Sale

Been a fan of Friends For Sale of one of my favorite social networking site Facebook and now this coming November Friends For Sale would turn two. FFS is just one of my addicting game of socializing as well buying and selling your friends and trying to increase your price at all cost, making your FFS experience more enjoying. Aside from searching for bonuses you can also earn a lot of coins by having your Friends work for you. Here's my personal advice to increase your FFS value. Construct your personal Friend Network from where you would buy your friend whom be willing to buy you in return. Enjoy Playing and don't forget to buy me.

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G-Force Movie Soundtrack

Early this morning I filed my offset to accompany pare q "read as pa-re ko" to go to DFA and pick up Mildred's passport (pare q's bestfriend ^_^) unfortunately the guard didn't allowed us to get it informing that only immediate relatives are only allowed to get the passport even we have the authorization letter from her. Poor us, anyway so as not to waste the day we decided to go to SM actually that's my idea so I could pay my monthly bills lol. After paying my monthly bills we plan to visit Ate Kris and again being too lucky nah actually being too misfortune we cannot be accompanied by Ate Kris due to her work schedule another Poor Poor us scenario lol. After then we decided to try SM's wifi and also to try pare q's new laptop (lucky her I haven't one T_T) from there I got to introduce my four favorite video's I had watch here in the internet namely: This should keep us all thinking, The Bridge Master (John 3:16), Smallville - Time After Time and Does God Exist. From there we both decided to watch any movie that is showing in SM Cinema and pare q chose G-Force as one of our must watch movie, happy me because I really like watching animated film and we never got disapointed watching G-Force. We really had fun watching those Four Speaking Guinea Pigs and also as they did their special stunts it's really worth watching for. To sum it up I had one great day.

Anyway I did love G-Force soundtrack so I included their movie soundtrack here.

1. Don't Cha - Thomas DeCarlo Callaway and Anthony Ray
2. Just Dance - Lady GaGa
3. I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
4. Ready to Rock - Steve Rushton
5. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
6. How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney
7. Falling Down - Space Cowboy
8. Jump - Flo Rida
9. O Fortuna - The London Symphony Orchestra and Richard Hickox

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PLDT announce its latest web innovation PLDT myDSL watch pad. An innovated way of having your online activities and watching live TV shows as one. An all in one entertainment portal from where you could watch your favorite TV shows like MTV, Disney Channel, Solar Sports, CNN, GMA 7 and many more. Aside from this you could also access your networking accounts such as Facebook, Multiply and Twitter without any hassle of opening other web windows. An all in one entertainment package for all.

Sign up for an free account at, and download their application.

It's a new way of watching, chatting, blogging and sharing experience with PLDT's new myDSL watch pad. If you are always on the go then this one is for you.

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As tribute for the late Michael Jackson, a limited two week tribute to Michael Jackson would be out this coming October 28, 2009 at SM Cinemas (SM Theaters and IMAX). Just like what they say "Discover The Man You Never Knew." THIS IS IT is a documentary tribute which includes never before seen about Michael Jackson together with Michael's supposedly last performance rehearsals. As they quoted "This film is a gift to all MJ's Fans." Im sure lots of MJ's fan could not wait for this once in a life time experience watching this film about Michael Jackson life.

For more updates and tickets you may visit and

For SM Cinemas Schedules you may drop by

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Oktoberfest is an annual celebration of beer festival sponsored by Philippines San Miguel Beer.

Pampanga is one of the active participant of the said event and yearly it celebrates its Oktoberfest Street Party known as "Tigtigan Terakan Keng Delan" translated as "Singing and Dancing in Streets." The said event was one of happiest and most awaited street party of all Kapampangan here in Pampanga. Personally I could say one of the most successful event that was organized here in Pampanga from where it become traditionally famous with. By the way here's the list of all participating Oktoberfest bars here in Pampanga.

Oktoberfest dates: 09/18/09, 10/02/09, 10/16/09, 10/30/09

Participating Bars: Juzz Koosy, Shade of Red, Blue Espazo, Termina VO1, Sally Grill, Scoop Resto, Denzio Grill, Fred Grill, Collsa Resto, Whyt House Grill, Rosa's Carinderia, Julmac, Park View, Corner Grill, and Zulu Coffee Shop.

For more updates you may visit Oktoberfest Official website at

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Globe Broadband Tattoo, the upgraded version of Globe's former Globe Visibility, now offers much faster internet connection that goes up to 2Mbps. With Globe Broadband Tattoo you will never be left with your online activities. Experience the convenience of internet on the go. Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit would cost you about P895 only. Preloaded with P300 worth of load which is equivalent to 15 hours of free internet. The Kit comes with a USB Modem, Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Sim, User Manual and P300 worth of load. Reloading your Prepaid Kit is just as easy as loading your ordinary prepaid sim card at the nearest loading store near you. Good news, Globe now offers one day unlimited text every time you load your prepaid kit a minimum of P30 via Globe Auto Load Max. With Globe as the number one fastest growing internet provider, everything's possible.

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Here's an easy way to get FREE Nintendo DS Lite Games without worries. Found out this very convenient way of collecting numerous number of DS Lite Games. For complete NDS Roms you may search them through Google. But before downloading any game I highly advice you to visit GameFaqs for game reviews so that you may have an idea about what other people could say about that particular game. By following this steps I assure you of getting quality games uploaded with your Nintendo DS without any hassle. For more updates just keep in touch with me. Enjoy Playing.

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Comic Alley at Pampanga

Comic Alley Philippines Anime Specialty store open its second branch at Pampanga. Aside its first branch at SM Clark located at the ground floor near Pizza Hut, comic alley again extend their visibility here in Pampanga. As the newly built MarQuee Mall rise, it also gave birth with Comic Alley's Second branch. Located infront of Max at 3rd floor. Comic Alley is a one stop store for anime collectors from naruto and dragonball z toys, deathnote, costumes and many more.

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Affected by Storm

Last week is a tragic experience to all Filipino especially those who are affected by tropical storm Ondoy. Anyway I am really proud with my fellow Filipino brothers who show their care to all victims of the storm and to all who help within and outside the Philippines. By the way just like how stressful everyone got last week my PC just got the same stress as I could describe too. Unfortunately last week, my PC experience tremendous hangs probably cause of black outs that happen last week. And because formatting my PC would be my last resort to recover my online activities, got no choice but study on how I could fix my PC by formatting it. Luckily by this time, my PC is up. And as personal experience I found out that customizing PC could slow down your computer that is why I highly recommended to stick with the old school looks though it might look dull still its the best option to choose too. I personally recommend to just install applications that would be useful and uninstall stuffs that just crowd your system because it would just cause slow down your desktops that may lead crashing. Lastly, always make a monthly check up so you could make your desktop life longer and have a distressful online experience.

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Tropical Storm Ondoy

Last September 26, 2009 tropical storm Ondoy flooded the whole Philippine Capital Manila together with it's surrounding areas and as of this time lots of our fellow Filipino are experiencing traumas especially those who experience having their house flooded by water up to their second story houses. Still lots of people are still stranded because of the unexpected storm tragedy. For updates you may stay tune watching Philippine local channels either GMA 7, ABS-CBN 2 or any local channel that are airing about Philippines tragic experience. As of this time what we can do is pray for their safety. For donations and help you may visit or for more details. You may also donate via SMS with Red Cross by texting RED[space]AMOUNT and send to 2899 (Globe) 4483 (Smart) Philippine Subscribers only for donations outside Philippines you may visit GMA7 or ABS-CBN 2 website for details. Your help with our fellow brothers would surely be appreciated.

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Hindi Ako Quitter

Familiar with the image in the left side, but this not just an ordinary commercial ad from akomismo rather a dubbed one which pertains to all DOTA fanatics out there. As DOTA was one of the in demand online gaming here in the Philippines, many of us experience what the dubbed video was objectively made of. Though the video clip comes with a funny version of the akomismo advertisement it surely hit all those quitters who distract every set games that usually leads to misenjoyment and perhaps destroys momentum as well waste time of every player who tends play clean. By the way "Hindi Ako Quitter" translated to english is "I'm not Quitter" lol just wanted to define it for those who doesn't understand Filipino. In reality quitters always remains to be losers and perhaps theres nothing good spoiling each game especially if there is no technical reason why you got out of the game.

By the way heres the "Hindi Ako Quitter" Clip

Im sure all DOTA players out there could relate with what the clip is all about and aside from getting their objective, Im sure they would also enjoy and laugh out loud as well. Enjoy watching the clip.

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Smallville - Time After Time

Winziph is not that fan of Smallville but just as I stumble upon the internet during this time I dropped by this intriguing wall post at facebook about this "Time after Time song by Eva Cassidy" and have it played with youtube but just upon I play this very emotional song it gave me an idea of sharing this song to everyone just to let others feel the same as I felt upon watching Smallville funeral video with "Time after Time" as their background music. Considering this as one of the saddest clip I had ever watch with my entire life aside from reminiscing everything life had taught me. A must check video clip from Smallville powered by youtube and start reflecting what yat ylife stakes at. The sadness or the happiness we could have been if we just learned to choose what would be bette for us. Lifes fate. In this short span of time we must learn to give every second of our life worth living for. Share love and never regret everything that at stake just believe that we have our very own task to make a difference. There's no such word as too late.

Catch the video clip here. Smallville Time After Time.

The video really gave me a feeling of being the one in the funeral. : ) and asking myself would anyone care?

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September 19, 2009, one of the most awaited date of all boxing fans, finally, Marquez Mayweather match is up. Mean while let us first check both boxer records. Juan Manuel Marquez with 50 wins, 4 lost, 1 draw and about 37 KO and Floyd Joy Mayweather with 39 wins, 0 lost, 0 draw and 25 KO. Both boxers have good records but still the question of whose remains best is unanswered not till their upcoming fight this September 19, 2009 10PM ET. The fight between "Dinamita" and "The Money Machine" for the quest of the best would be concluded this coming September 19 at MGM Grand Arena. Personally I still don't have my bet between Marquez or Mayweather because both boxers are tough. Anyway, may I request to know your bets by searching your comments.

For more updates you may check Mayweathers twitter account ""

By the way aside from going to MGM Grand to watch the fight live you may catch the fight via live telecast either from your local television channel such as ABS-CBN channel 2 delayed telecast or purchased your Pay Per View with your nearest cable provider but aside from that you may also catch the fight via live streaming from the internet as this was the cheapest way to watch the fight and be updated.

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Death Note

Apparently I already had my post about one of my favorite anime shows "Death Note" but it so happens that there are lots of death note fanatic that seems to be interested with my post but unfortunately not entertained due to infrequent update of my other blog which is "" so I decided to transfer one new post here so that I could often check those people interested with my post. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, what is Death Note all about, but before I proceed, this anime show requires parental guidance due to scenes that are not drastic to be viewed. Parental Guidance is a must. This line is not shown in the main page Back again, the story is about this super natural note book that can be use to kill anyone. Purposely the protagonist of the story have it's own positive use of this note but as with morality and justice cares, such acts are not tolerable and from where other characters appear in the scene. The story characters compose of genius student, shinigami ( death god), police and many more. Death Note really have it's cool story line from where they really got me interested. Probably this is because it was introduce with me by Ms. Joan Marie Cruz. She really loves to watch anime and read mangas and for that reason I had bought her a replica of Death Note notebook.

For my other images you may visit and my death note replica.

Thank you very much, and enjoy surfing.

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Ever wonder who is the girl behind axe enticing tv advertisement? There goes my search and recently, drop by searching the girl behind the ad and found out that this axe girl name is Asmirandah an Indonesian National.

Name: Asmirandah Zantman
Born in Jakarta
Birthday: October 05, 1989.

Watch Asmirandah The Axe Effect Commercial below:

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As I open up my facebook account I come across with this shout that gave me amusing interest on what the youtube video pertains to the shout "This Should Keep Us All Thinking" from where it just have no particular image shown aside from the black and white text image. As I watched the video it really gave me an idea that they are right. This simple video is about what reality is, the option of what we must believe and live through. It is a true blessing, sharing this post as tool for what we may believe in. It's been a year ago that this video was posted in youtube and as of this time it just got about 8,418,759 views and still counting which means millions and millions of hearts this video had been touched. For those interested with this video I am happy to share their link with you. "This Should Keep Us All Thinking" or you may visit Watch and feel the difference.

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Coming across with visiting Mr. Arks post about his "The 3 SEO eBooks That Helped Me Make Money Online" post I come up reading one of his interesting eBook wroted by two of our beloved Filipino Bloggers namely Mr. Macuha aka "The Prince of Philippine SEO" and Mr. Diaz. The eBook was all about tips on how to make money online and how we could fully take advantage of this online world and be more productive just by doing some of our daily hobbies. The eBook was named as Guerilla Blogger from where you may get a copy of it FREE. Get it here and experience the difference that it may help you.

September Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! Sounds too early... anyway I am just having fun with how excited I as a Filipinos whenever September comes. It's a tradition to play jokes whenever BER months come and it is really popular here in Philippines to greet everyone a merry christmas even christmas would be months away. Anyway BER months just past away so fast that is why whenever Filipino heard about BER they always have the tendency to become too excited and feel that Christmas would just be days away. Anyway there's nothing wrong with making fun and enjoying every second of our day to show how happy we are to feel Christmas around. Definitely Christmas marks as the most awaited time of every Filipino which makes us feel that no matter how hard life, there would always be a time to be merry. Merry Christmas September.

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Sandara Park - 2ne1

2ne1. Korea's emerging all female group singer, from where Philippines former reality talent Sandara Park was part of it. Surprisingly happy that Sandara found her new career in Korea as member of Korea's rising all female group singer, 2ne1. By the way 2ne1 stands for "New Evolution of the 21st Century" which NE stands for the New Evolution as well 21 stands for the 21st century. Formerly the group would be named as 21 but as they found out that an existing name was already used they had decided to change it and put up some twist on it that come up with 2ne1 as their group name.

A bit of information about the 2ne1 group member.

1. CL
Real Name: Lee Chae Rin
Birthday: February 26, 1991

2. Bom
Real Name: Park Bom
Birthday: March 04, 1985

3. Minji
Real Name: Min-ji Gong
Birthday: January 18, 1994

and lastly Philippines pride...

4. Dara
Real Name: Sandara Park
Birthday: May 16, 1985

See more of them at and good luck with Sandara's newly found career.

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One of my favorite activities in front of my PC is watching anime shows to name some such as Naruto Shipuuden and One Piece as my two top priorities to be watched anime. But aside from that one of my favorite PC activities is listening to music and as an anime lover, I really love listening to anime soundtrack also known as JPop. They really give me a relaxing surfing experience. To share you my favorite online anime soundtrack streaming, I would like to introduce to you If you love anime soundtrack just like me, for sure you would love this one too. Got this when I search for an free online streaming of anime soundtracks and luckily drop upon with Kawaii-Radio. To give you an idea on how Kawaii-Radio works: First you must download their free link. To give you convenience I provided their download link here. Download. Second you must have installed your favorite music application with your PC. For me I prefer using WinAmp as my music application because of it's cool design and providing me more quality music output. After you got the First and the Second then you are set listening your favorite JPop live online for free. All you have to do then is to play the downloaded link with your music application. Then there, enjoy. By the way you may also visit their website at

For additional questions don't be shy to post queries and I would really love to answer it immediately.

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Most probable this tool we call browsers are one of the most powerful tool and one of the most influential tool here in the internet. But aside from letting us to search everything in the net with just a split of second. There are various names we could choose as our browser, and among the rest one reigns as the most and explicitly ranks as the better browser provider. Popular names such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and today Google's Chrome mark names in the field of providing the most convenient web browsing tool. But the question is which is which? I've research a bit about who provides the better service in the field of browsing. And from what I found out just like what I believe, Mozilla's Firefox tops marks as the most choose browser over any other browser that could be found in the internet. Aside from its popularity is also provides one of the most fastest browser to upload pages, lots of useful add-on, definitely lots of sites were best viewed with the use of Firefox. Likewise, though personally I experience some slow downs and internet crashes with Firefox I still vote Firefox as the better browser. I definitely like Firefox alt-tab function which makes my browsing experience more convenient. However, personally I am planning to try Google Chrome as an substitute browser to use, so far just to save a bit space with my PC I never tried installing it. I still do research about on what would Chrome do for me to replace Firefox as my primary browser. For the mean time Mozilla Firefox marks better.

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One of the most critical issues as human being to be aware of, social responsibility. It's not necessary we have to do everything to please every people around us, but it's a matter of how we wanted us to be respected by others. A matter of discipline within ourselves and no other thing we have to just to gain their respect. We have our own differences and that what makes us to learn how to socially survive each difficulties we may encounter. In life it is our objective to live a harmonious relationship with all the people around us. Reading good stuffs like Robert Heller's Managing Change would taught us how to provide one harmonious relation with all the people around us. It's difficult to please everyone immediately but having an idea to understand them in ways of our differences may give us an idea to gain their respect. A bit of an idea about Robert Heller's book Managing Change. In this ebook you would learn how to understand peoples behavior, this ebook is good for those who handles people such as Heads, or Team Leaders. It also teaches us how to interact with other people effectively and to constructively communicate and develop one harmonious relationship.

Sharing you the copy of this ebook here.


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Back here again to share some of my updates here in this unending search of wants, and what's new. It's been a week since I got time to update Winziph for what would be the next search craze here in his online world of search and searches. And for this time I had dropped with downloading with this not so search and probably not so familiar with other searcher but whereas to be one of the most search of rock collectors and to give them the convenience of finding what they are looking for just like this poster in my left. For those rock band fanatics, I am sure you are familiar with this one. Yes, you are right, this is the cover album of the famous rock back "Red Hot Chili Peppers" Californication. Probably I may not come across with this one without the request of my boss, lol.

Thank You Cory

Her time had come but her legacy won't be forget. Our very own democratic icon rested in peace but all in all she left us one memorable history. One person that mark each Filipino hearts. And in behalf of Filipino blogging community, I would like to impart Winziph, one commemorative blog for our beloved President Corazon Aquino. And as a Filipino I would like to extend my appreciation for having her as our President, Freedom Fighter and an icon to look up with.

And to support this one unforgettable existence of President Cory Aquino, Winzph would likely to have this yellow ribbon as a symbol of my respect with her. And for everyone to know that she would never be forgotten.

You may get a copy of this ribbon from or you may get your copy here, by downloading and copy-pasting the code Winziph provided:


One famous quote from our former President.

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

-President Cory Aquino

In our hearts we would never forget you. It's because of you what we are today. Thank you.

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Happy 95th Anniversary Iglesia ni Cristo

In behalf of Winziph I would like to extend my greetings and continuous respect to my fellow religious brothers Iglesia ni Cristo. One of the most influential religions here in the Philippines and most probably one of the most respected religions here. Happy 95th Anniversary and wish them to have more fruitful years teaching the word of God to each and everyone one of us. They contributed a lot of good things that everyone of us must have posses, the respect, fear of God and to value what is good for everyone. Wish them more fruitful years and may they continue teaching the word of God to every each one of us. Happy Anniversary. Celebrating their 95th Anniversary this July 27, 2009.

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Finally I'm here again to update and check what is new here in the web. Just got too busy with the outside world and got a little bit of time here in the Online world of Winziph . Back again to share this thing about one of the most requested tool of all DOTA players especially those newbies and those who wanted to experience a little bit of convenience with their DOTA game. By the way for those who doesn't know DOTA, DOTA means Defense of the Ancients much known before as Warcraft. It's a very addicting from I, myself would testify lol. Anyway what is cool with DOTA from the original Warcraft is it's play. Here in DOTA just like any other massive multiplayer game, you are task to focus with one hero from where you buy weapons and make it stronger along the game. What is fun about this is it is a full strategic game of survival, the winner would always be the one who play strategically.

Set out for what I wanted to share with all the DOTA players out there. I actually got this tool from my DOTA expert brother. This is the Item Shortcut Key Helper, what is this? For those who doesn't know about this, this is a tool used so that you may assign any shortcut letter to your Item box below your game. Aside of using the shortcut key numbers in the numpad of your keyboard, with this tool you may now use any key you would like to use. One more thing, you don't have to install this tool. It's a plug and play tool, so no need to worry installing it. Just Double click the tool then you are set to configure your shortcut key with any of your desired keyboard key and once you turn your DOTA it would automatically change. Cool right.

Heres the link DOTA Item Shortcut Key


If you like my post you may post comments and share some of your request and I would really happy to help you.

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Prayers for Peoples Power Cory Aquino

The woman behind Philippines unforgettable history in the world, her excellency President Corazon Aquino. One of Philippines People Power icons, the one who had mark one great change in our history as Filipinos. No wonder she had shared a great role that mark every Fillipino. Changes that every one of us would not forget, her contributions for what we have now, and what Philippines have now. And now its our turn to show how greatful we are for letting us enjoy what we are now. Let us join her new battle she's experiencing with her health by sharing out some of our prayers for her speedy recovery. Though no one could guess what would happen next it would be duly helpful to show how thankful we are, considering she make a change for us. Let us continue to support her as she battle against life. Every prayer counts and no matter what God answer, I know, here in our hearts President Cory Aquino is one Filipino we are great to have known. Someone who dream for what Filipino deserve to have. Looking forward for our prayers.

You may also visit the Corazon Aquino official blog:

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Revenge of the Fallen - Autobots

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is now showing in theaters. Transformers were not new for me, since they were my childhood shows then. Been familiar with Transformers main characters but not with the other characters and that is why I would wanted to have my own list of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen characters list starting up with Autobots and try to search for a bit info about that character.

Autobots Primarily are the hero's of our very own Transformers.

Optimus Prime: Autobot's Leader and transforms into a Peterbilt Truck with redflame decals into it.

Bumblebee: One of the main characters of Transformers movie and known to transform as Volkswagen Beetle in the cartoon series but transforms as 5th Gen. of Chevrolet Camaro in the movie.

Ironhide: Autobot's weapon specialist and transforms into GMC Topkick.

Ratchet: Autobot's medic and transforms into Search and Rescue Hummer H2.

Jetfire: Formerly Decepticons and become an Autobot, transforms into SR-71 Blackbird.

Arcee: The female transformer that transforms into three motorcycle namely Pink Ducati 848, Blue Suzuki B-King 2008 and Purple MV Agusta F4.

Mudflap and Skids: Known to be as Autobots twins and transforms into respectively Red Chevrolet Trax and Green Chevrolet Beat.

Sideswipe: Transforms into a Silver Chevrolet Corvette.

Jolt: Transforms into Chevrolet Volt.

Wheelie: Tranforms into a Blue Radio Controlled Monster Truck.

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Hunihan 101

Familiar with Twitter? Probably yes, and for it is this time famous interactive tool in the web. Been into it before and never had taught Twitter would got this famous as before. For it just had a simple look and does not have any complicated settings for one to be familiar with. I'm not sure to whom this concept originated if from facebook or originally from twitter. Anyway just like how facebook simplicity makes me hook with compare my friendster now, Twitter had something for Winziph that it would really make it alive and increase its traffic. Enough for Twitter by the way I would like to introduce this twitter version of Filipinos which is known as Hunihan derived from the Filipino translation of Twitter. Nothing different from the original twitter except it has its own Filipino concept. What is cool with this tool is that you may link your hunihan account directly with your twitter account which means that whatever you would twit with hunihan would also be twitted with your twitter account. Bet its cool. Hunihan is just one of my new additions to socially interact with my fellow web addicts and a tool for me to expand my network not just with my twitter but also extending my network exclusively with Filipinos. By the way I wanted all my Filipino brothers to be part of this hunihan adventure. Visit and register for free and if you like you may add my hunihan account too.

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King of POP Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson aka King of POP Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest. Michael's death have been a shocking announcement to all Jackson's Fan more especially because Michael is one of the most influential icon in the music industry. The whole world mourns as they heard about this shocking news. And as the news spreads rapidly around the world, lots lots of tributes for the late Jackson were shared. Michael had a great contribution in the music industry and probably most, lots of fan would going to miss Michael known as MJ alot. As for Michael's tribute, I would like to highlight some of Michaels unforgettable songs; like Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Ben, Heal the World, You are not alone, One day in your life, Give love on Christmas day, Man in the Mirror and a lot more.

Though lately Michael had encounter lots of contreversy before his death, his contribution and influence had made him as one of the great music icons that would be never forget as generations may past. May he rest in peace.

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NBA 2009 Finals is over and it really shows out that Orlando has no match with Kobe's domination as this years unstoppable player. With the win of Los Angeles Lakers it has just showed that basketball is about one great team play. Anyway enough of complimenting this years NBA Champion lets go with what Orlando could be proud of. Ever come across this year EA Sports NBA cover? yup you are right this years NBA LIVE 10 cover is none other than NBA's Superman Dwight Howard. I'm sure Dwight deserves to be NBA LIVE 10 cover for he shows true sportsmanships and had never been part of any trouble during the game. As for the record Dwight gains to be an excellent player, he had been the best defensive player and as NBA Slam dunck contest winner. Most probably Black Mamba had just carried along a piece of kryptonite during the finals lol. that is why Superman got nothing during the game. It had been a struggle with Orlando to achieve the promising trophy and NBA's title as Champion. Maybe this is just not their time to shine and be the number one. In fairness they had beaten one of my favorite finalist for this year finals LeBron James of the Cleaveland Cavaliers. Anyway Orlando must be as well happy reaching his step of gaining a chance to prove himself and be part of a new NBA history. Wish for them to be lucky enough and improve more this new season of NBA. And I'm really excited to check out what would NBA LIVE 10 new to offer, bet new additions would be included with this NBA Craze game.

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NBA Finals 2009

All are set off for tomorrows first game of this year NBA Playoffs. For fun I had taught of establishing this NBA betting game of whose going to be this year NBA Champion. And to make this a bit interesting I would going to give one 125X125 ad space for one month with the lucky one to guess this years NBA champion.

Here's a simple mechanics of my mini NBA betting game. First you must be an internet savvy person. You may qualified by blogging about this mini NBA betting game or any form of sharing about this betting game. Second you must post a comment below about the link that you had made. After that you may bet whether its Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers. Qualified entries are those who blog or share this mini betting game.

Winner would be chosen based on who would win between Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers and from that all entrants would be sorted according to their bets and the winner would be randomly chosen from the winning team and be awarded by my simple prize of 125X125 Ad Space for a month.

This is just about fun. And wish you all guys would likely support this mini betting game of mine.

To add much more fun I would happily welcome anyone who would like to sponsor this betting game to have it much more exciting and interesting.

My bet would be the Orlando Magic though they are the ones who had beaten my beloved Cleaveland I would still like to put my bets over them defeating the dominating Los Angeles Lakers. It had been my dream to have the Cleaveland as this year reigning NBA Champion unfortunately Orlando grabs their opportunity to shine this year. Maybe its true that it had been a factor to have all five working rather than one. Anyway your still this year MVP LeBron "King James" James.

Sponsors update:
Webmasterphi: 1 .info domain name + 500ec credits will be given aside for my 125X125 ad space for the winning participant.

To qualify for Webmasterphi prize you just have to blog about this contest adding Webmasterphi's link:

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Back to School

Vacation time is over for you kids and most probably classes would definitely begin this coming June 1. Fortunate with me, I don't need to go back to school, no more lots of reading task, studies, examinations, projects. Though it may look lucky for me, still I'm not. What I love with school would not just because I learn lots of different things but also having sights of numerous number of pretty girls ha ha ha. Anyway, for everyone I would like to share some of back to school tips to make your studies more way effective.

1. Nothing beats studying in a place that would be more perfectly to have a quiet ambiance. Experience shows that lots of students benefit from it.

2. Stay focus with one thing. Managing yourself to set focus would definitely gives you an easy time to accomplish your study task.

3. In memorizing I would highly recommend you to write it down. It shows that writing helps to memorize something more easy.

4. Don't exhaust yourself studying the whole day. Give your self some break, having break would definitely give you more energy and not be worn out easily.

5. Lastly nothing beats studying ahead. This would probably make you more prepared.

Let's make going back to school a more enjoy this school year.

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Katrina Halili Video

It has been a hectic week for everyone probably but we have to share some updates that everyone searches for. And for this week would be one of the most controversial issues that shatters the whole showbiz industry, the so called Katrina's video. This past few weeks Katrina's video become one of the most word of mouth of every Filipino. And recently and probably as of this time ranked as the most search item in the internet. Its all in the news, social interactions, talk-about, radios, especially in this fastest world of info exchanging, the internet. As the issue started in the national television, the traffic for the search of Katrina's video enormously increased as for those who are curious with the said video increase in numbers. Extremely, visits with youtube and other video streaming sites greatly increase its visits as the issue become more and more popular in the public.

As I search any update about the issue in the internet I had found something interesting article to be read with Pinoymoneytalk and this about the download rate of Katrina's video and with shocked found out that our area gains to rank as number two with the most download of the said video. Funny to see that there are lots of Angelenos who had been interested with this kind of contreversies.

Heres the Top Five List:

1. Tacloban
2. Angeles
3. Cagayan de Oro
4. Quezon City
5. Makati

For the complete info with this you may check PinoyMoneyTalk

Even though I had no power to cease everyone's curiosity with the said video I would like to request everyone to give peace with the victims of the said video. Drastically they are experiencing shame with what had come out with them which seems not to be their fault but just a downtrodden victims who had take advantage with them. And again I would like to extend peace to all the victims. Its about understanding and not judging.

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Season Eight Finale

As schedule American Idol Season 8 Finale face off would be May 19 - 20, 2009. A two part finale event, first day would be their performance day and next day would be the announcement of votes between this two idols. It's a head to head between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert American Idol Season Eight Finalist.

A bit of information about the two finalist.

Kris Allen (23 years old, Conway AR)
Audition City: Louisville, KY
Favorite Quote: "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible" -Vince Lombardi

Adam Lambert (26 years old, Los Angeles CA)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Favorite Quote: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" -Jim Hendrix

Who would be this years next idol, coming from thirteen finalist now trimmed down to be the best two. Who would emerged to be this season number one. Vote for the one who you have taught to deserved the spot as season eight number one. Watch out for the Finale.

Winziph bet: Adam Lambert, let us see if am I right.

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