Got this day my very own new game console named, Sony PSP 3000. I had bought this console as my personal reward for this year and as well treat myself a bit. As of this time I am trying to experiment what could this multimedia gadget can give me aside for gaming but as well for its entertainment feature. Though I am just new with PSP 3000 I would like to share some of my favorite game titles that I have installed with my new PSP console.

Here's my list:

1. NBA Live 2010 and 2k10: Basketball fan lol.
2. Fight Night Round 3: Been a fan of boxing since Filipino's were getting famous because of it. Go Manny Pacquiao.
3. Disgaea, Final Fantasy: Love Role Playing Games.
4. Naruto Akatsuki Rising and Naruto Ultimate Heroes: Anime Fanatic anyway.
5. Need For Speed and Poker: Least love and I could say somehow worth playing for.
6. God of War: Although this is too violent for a game, I'm sure you'll going to like the graphics of it.

That's for all, I guess I'll share more soon as I get familiar with this console.

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