G-Force Movie Soundtrack

Early this morning I filed my offset to accompany pare q "read as pa-re ko" to go to DFA and pick up Mildred's passport (pare q's bestfriend ^_^) unfortunately the guard didn't allowed us to get it informing that only immediate relatives are only allowed to get the passport even we have the authorization letter from her. Poor us, anyway so as not to waste the day we decided to go to SM actually that's my idea so I could pay my monthly bills lol. After paying my monthly bills we plan to visit Ate Kris and again being too lucky nah actually being too misfortune we cannot be accompanied by Ate Kris due to her work schedule another Poor Poor us scenario lol. After then we decided to try SM's wifi and also to try pare q's new laptop (lucky her I haven't one T_T) from there I got to introduce my four favorite video's I had watch here in the internet namely: This should keep us all thinking, The Bridge Master (John 3:16), Smallville - Time After Time and Does God Exist. From there we both decided to watch any movie that is showing in SM Cinema and pare q chose G-Force as one of our must watch movie, happy me because I really like watching animated film and we never got disapointed watching G-Force. We really had fun watching those Four Speaking Guinea Pigs and also as they did their special stunts it's really worth watching for. To sum it up I had one great day.

Anyway I did love G-Force soundtrack so I included their movie soundtrack here.

1. Don't Cha - Thomas DeCarlo Callaway and Anthony Ray
2. Just Dance - Lady GaGa
3. I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
4. Ready to Rock - Steve Rushton
5. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
6. How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney
7. Falling Down - Space Cowboy
8. Jump - Flo Rida
9. O Fortuna - The London Symphony Orchestra and Richard Hickox

Image Source: http://currenthitz.today.com/

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