Prayers for Peoples Power Cory Aquino

The woman behind Philippines unforgettable history in the world, her excellency President Corazon Aquino. One of Philippines People Power icons, the one who had mark one great change in our history as Filipinos. No wonder she had shared a great role that mark every Fillipino. Changes that every one of us would not forget, her contributions for what we have now, and what Philippines have now. And now its our turn to show how greatful we are for letting us enjoy what we are now. Let us join her new battle she's experiencing with her health by sharing out some of our prayers for her speedy recovery. Though no one could guess what would happen next it would be duly helpful to show how thankful we are, considering she make a change for us. Let us continue to support her as she battle against life. Every prayer counts and no matter what God answer, I know, here in our hearts President Cory Aquino is one Filipino we are great to have known. Someone who dream for what Filipino deserve to have. Looking forward for our prayers.

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