Thank You Cory

Her time had come but her legacy won't be forget. Our very own democratic icon rested in peace but all in all she left us one memorable history. One person that mark each Filipino hearts. And in behalf of Filipino blogging community, I would like to impart Winziph, one commemorative blog for our beloved President Corazon Aquino. And as a Filipino I would like to extend my appreciation for having her as our President, Freedom Fighter and an icon to look up with.

And to support this one unforgettable existence of President Cory Aquino, Winzph would likely to have this yellow ribbon as a symbol of my respect with her. And for everyone to know that she would never be forgotten.

You may get a copy of this ribbon from or you may get your copy here, by downloading and copy-pasting the code Winziph provided:


One famous quote from our former President.

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

-President Cory Aquino

In our hearts we would never forget you. It's because of you what we are today. Thank you.

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