Back here again to share some of my updates here in this unending search of wants, and what's new. It's been a week since I got time to update Winziph for what would be the next search craze here in his online world of search and searches. And for this time I had dropped with downloading with this not so search and probably not so familiar with other searcher but whereas to be one of the most search of rock collectors and to give them the convenience of finding what they are looking for just like this poster in my left. For those rock band fanatics, I am sure you are familiar with this one. Yes, you are right, this is the cover album of the famous rock back "Red Hot Chili Peppers" Californication. Probably I may not come across with this one without the request of my boss, lol.

1. Around the World
2. Parallel Universe
3. Scar Tissue
4. Otherside
5. Get on Top
6. Californication
7. Easily
8. Porcelain
9. Emmit Remus
10. I like Dirt
11. This Velvet Glove
12. Savior
13. Purple Stain
14. Right on Time
15. Road Trippin

If you like my post you may post your comments, thanks and enjoy.

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