One of the most critical issues as human being to be aware of, social responsibility. It's not necessary we have to do everything to please every people around us, but it's a matter of how we wanted us to be respected by others. A matter of discipline within ourselves and no other thing we have to just to gain their respect. We have our own differences and that what makes us to learn how to socially survive each difficulties we may encounter. In life it is our objective to live a harmonious relationship with all the people around us. Reading good stuffs like Robert Heller's Managing Change would taught us how to provide one harmonious relation with all the people around us. It's difficult to please everyone immediately but having an idea to understand them in ways of our differences may give us an idea to gain their respect. A bit of an idea about Robert Heller's book Managing Change. In this ebook you would learn how to understand peoples behavior, this ebook is good for those who handles people such as Heads, or Team Leaders. It also teaches us how to interact with other people effectively and to constructively communicate and develop one harmonious relationship.

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