Most probable this tool we call browsers are one of the most powerful tool and one of the most influential tool here in the internet. But aside from letting us to search everything in the net with just a split of second. There are various names we could choose as our browser, and among the rest one reigns as the most and explicitly ranks as the better browser provider. Popular names such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and today Google's Chrome mark names in the field of providing the most convenient web browsing tool. But the question is which is which? I've research a bit about who provides the better service in the field of browsing. And from what I found out just like what I believe, Mozilla's Firefox tops marks as the most choose browser over any other browser that could be found in the internet. Aside from its popularity is also provides one of the most fastest browser to upload pages, lots of useful add-on, definitely lots of sites were best viewed with the use of Firefox. Likewise, though personally I experience some slow downs and internet crashes with Firefox I still vote Firefox as the better browser. I definitely like Firefox alt-tab function which makes my browsing experience more convenient. However, personally I am planning to try Google Chrome as an substitute browser to use, so far just to save a bit space with my PC I never tried installing it. I still do research about on what would Chrome do for me to replace Firefox as my primary browser. For the mean time Mozilla Firefox marks better.

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