September 19, 2009, one of the most awaited date of all boxing fans, finally, Marquez Mayweather match is up. Mean while let us first check both boxer records. Juan Manuel Marquez with 50 wins, 4 lost, 1 draw and about 37 KO and Floyd Joy Mayweather with 39 wins, 0 lost, 0 draw and 25 KO. Both boxers have good records but still the question of whose remains best is unanswered not till their upcoming fight this September 19, 2009 10PM ET. The fight between "Dinamita" and "The Money Machine" for the quest of the best would be concluded this coming September 19 at MGM Grand Arena. Personally I still don't have my bet between Marquez or Mayweather because both boxers are tough. Anyway, may I request to know your bets by searching your comments.

For more updates you may check Mayweathers twitter account ""

By the way aside from going to MGM Grand to watch the fight live you may catch the fight via live telecast either from your local television channel such as ABS-CBN channel 2 delayed telecast or purchased your Pay Per View with your nearest cable provider but aside from that you may also catch the fight via live streaming from the internet as this was the cheapest way to watch the fight and be updated.

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