Smallville - Time After Time

Winziph is not that fan of Smallville but just as I stumble upon the internet during this time I dropped by this intriguing wall post at facebook about this "Time after Time song by Eva Cassidy" and have it played with youtube but just upon I play this very emotional song it gave me an idea of sharing this song to everyone just to let others feel the same as I felt upon watching Smallville funeral video with "Time after Time" as their background music. Considering this as one of the saddest clip I had ever watch with my entire life aside from reminiscing everything life had taught me. A must check video clip from Smallville powered by youtube and start reflecting what yat ylife stakes at. The sadness or the happiness we could have been if we just learned to choose what would be bette for us. Lifes fate. In this short span of time we must learn to give every second of our life worth living for. Share love and never regret everything that at stake just believe that we have our very own task to make a difference. There's no such word as too late.

Catch the video clip here. Smallville Time After Time.

The video really gave me a feeling of being the one in the funeral. : ) and asking myself would anyone care?

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