Hindi Ako Quitter

Familiar with the image in the left side, but this not just an ordinary commercial ad from akomismo rather a dubbed one which pertains to all DOTA fanatics out there. As DOTA was one of the in demand online gaming here in the Philippines, many of us experience what the dubbed video was objectively made of. Though the video clip comes with a funny version of the akomismo advertisement it surely hit all those quitters who distract every set games that usually leads to misenjoyment and perhaps destroys momentum as well waste time of every player who tends play clean. By the way "Hindi Ako Quitter" translated to english is "I'm not Quitter" lol just wanted to define it for those who doesn't understand Filipino. In reality quitters always remains to be losers and perhaps theres nothing good spoiling each game especially if there is no technical reason why you got out of the game.

By the way heres the "Hindi Ako Quitter" Clip

Im sure all DOTA players out there could relate with what the clip is all about and aside from getting their objective, Im sure they would also enjoy and laugh out loud as well. Enjoy watching the clip.

Image Source: http://utopianvision.co.uk

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  1. rich  

    September 24, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    Hahahaha! XD Katawa naman... Though I don't play DOTA, I know those annoying quitters. XD

  2. Lizzy  

    September 24, 2009 at 5:38 PM

    LOL. I am not a DOTA player but I've heard that phrase a lot. As in. I'm a gamer, too. Magic player.
    And I am not a quitter! Hehe.

    I know you're familiar with this post of mine: Don't Quit!

    And yup, I'm a Filipina. Hehe. Proud Pinay!