Death Note

Apparently I already had my post about one of my favorite anime shows "Death Note" but it so happens that there are lots of death note fanatic that seems to be interested with my post but unfortunately not entertained due to infrequent update of my other blog which is "" so I decided to transfer one new post here so that I could often check those people interested with my post. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, what is Death Note all about, but before I proceed, this anime show requires parental guidance due to scenes that are not drastic to be viewed. Parental Guidance is a must. This line is not shown in the main page Back again, the story is about this super natural note book that can be use to kill anyone. Purposely the protagonist of the story have it's own positive use of this note but as with morality and justice cares, such acts are not tolerable and from where other characters appear in the scene. The story characters compose of genius student, shinigami ( death god), police and many more. Death Note really have it's cool story line from where they really got me interested. Probably this is because it was introduce with me by Ms. Joan Marie Cruz. She really loves to watch anime and read mangas and for that reason I had bought her a replica of Death Note notebook.

For my other images you may visit and my death note replica.

Thank you very much, and enjoy surfing.

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  1. Lizzy  

    September 22, 2009 at 4:15 PM

    I love DeathNote too. Sooo much! Hehe!