Hunihan 101

Familiar with Twitter? Probably yes, and for it is this time famous interactive tool in the web. Been into it before and never had taught Twitter would got this famous as before. For it just had a simple look and does not have any complicated settings for one to be familiar with. I'm not sure to whom this concept originated if from facebook or originally from twitter. Anyway just like how facebook simplicity makes me hook with compare my friendster now, Twitter had something for Winziph that it would really make it alive and increase its traffic. Enough for Twitter by the way I would like to introduce this twitter version of Filipinos which is known as Hunihan derived from the Filipino translation of Twitter. Nothing different from the original twitter except it has its own Filipino concept. What is cool with this tool is that you may link your hunihan account directly with your twitter account which means that whatever you would twit with hunihan would also be twitted with your twitter account. Bet its cool. Hunihan is just one of my new additions to socially interact with my fellow web addicts and a tool for me to expand my network not just with my twitter but also extending my network exclusively with Filipinos. By the way I wanted all my Filipino brothers to be part of this hunihan adventure. Visit and register for free and if you like you may add my hunihan account too.

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