Affected by Storm

Last week is a tragic experience to all Filipino especially those who are affected by tropical storm Ondoy. Anyway I am really proud with my fellow Filipino brothers who show their care to all victims of the storm and to all who help within and outside the Philippines. By the way just like how stressful everyone got last week my PC just got the same stress as I could describe too. Unfortunately last week, my PC experience tremendous hangs probably cause of black outs that happen last week. And because formatting my PC would be my last resort to recover my online activities, got no choice but study on how I could fix my PC by formatting it. Luckily by this time, my PC is up. And as personal experience I found out that customizing PC could slow down your computer that is why I highly recommended to stick with the old school looks though it might look dull still its the best option to choose too. I personally recommend to just install applications that would be useful and uninstall stuffs that just crowd your system because it would just cause slow down your desktops that may lead crashing. Lastly, always make a monthly check up so you could make your desktop life longer and have a distressful online experience.

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