September Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! Sounds too early... anyway I am just having fun with how excited I as a Filipinos whenever September comes. It's a tradition to play jokes whenever BER months come and it is really popular here in Philippines to greet everyone a merry christmas even christmas would be months away. Anyway BER months just past away so fast that is why whenever Filipino heard about BER they always have the tendency to become too excited and feel that Christmas would just be days away. Anyway there's nothing wrong with making fun and enjoying every second of our day to show how happy we are to feel Christmas around. Definitely Christmas marks as the most awaited time of every Filipino which makes us feel that no matter how hard life, there would always be a time to be merry. Merry Christmas September.

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  1. Tom  

    September 7, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    Hi Win, advance Merry Christmas. I can hear Christmas songs already. Just wishing that our Christmas would be merrier.