NBA Finals 2009

All are set off for tomorrows first game of this year NBA Playoffs. For fun I had taught of establishing this NBA betting game of whose going to be this year NBA Champion. And to make this a bit interesting I would going to give one 125X125 ad space for one month with the lucky one to guess this years NBA champion.

Here's a simple mechanics of my mini NBA betting game. First you must be an internet savvy person. You may qualified by blogging about this mini NBA betting game or any form of sharing about this betting game. Second you must post a comment below about the link that you had made. After that you may bet whether its Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers. Qualified entries are those who blog or share this mini betting game.

Winner would be chosen based on who would win between Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers and from that all entrants would be sorted according to their bets and the winner would be randomly chosen from the winning team and be awarded by my simple prize of 125X125 Ad Space for a month.

This is just about fun. And wish you all guys would likely support this mini betting game of mine.

To add much more fun I would happily welcome anyone who would like to sponsor this betting game to have it much more exciting and interesting.

My bet would be the Orlando Magic though they are the ones who had beaten my beloved Cleaveland I would still like to put my bets over them defeating the dominating Los Angeles Lakers. It had been my dream to have the Cleaveland as this year reigning NBA Champion unfortunately Orlando grabs their opportunity to shine this year. Maybe its true that it had been a factor to have all five working rather than one. Anyway your still this year MVP LeBron "King James" James.

Sponsors update:
Webmasterphi: 1 .info domain name + 500ec credits will be given aside for my 125X125 ad space for the winning participant.

To qualify for Webmasterphi prize you just have to blog about this contest adding Webmasterphi's link:

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  1. Dana Telco  

    June 9, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    it is a time to bet at orlando magic.