Scotty McCreery came from Garner, North Carolina and he is the youngest male winner at the age of 17 and the first male country winner.

American Idol Season 2 finalist were assigned to perform their last three songs for this season. The songs were chosen as follows. The first song would be their favorite song of the season, second would be the chosen song by the contestants “idol” and the third one will be their winning single.

For those who miss Scotty's final performance you could watch them here after the jump.

Scotty McCreery chose to sing Gone by Montgomery Genty. Scotty McCreery performs this song during the Now and Then Week (Top 5).

Scotty McCreery’s second song is chosen by George Strait which is Check Yes or No.

Scotty McCreery’s Winning Single is I Love You This Big.

Congratulations Scotty McCreery and to all Scotty fans.

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