I never taught I will win Sir Allen Birthday Contest since I have no luck winning from any raffle contest. The last time I remember I won was ages ago from Mcdo where I won a T-Shirt. Anyway I think I was just L-U-C-K-Y that day.

Base on what I remember, I hope my memory recalls it right. I was the first one who submitted an entry and that might be my lucky charm. By the way based on Silkenhut’s list I only manage to submit 5 entry which is 50% less compare to other participants.

What I was thinking about during the time I am submitting my entry is that it would just be fine if I will try my luck, anyway it was not that hard to follow Sir Allen’s rules to qualify for the contest and the rest is history.

Until the raffle day came and have my name listed as the third lucky participant who won $50. Thank you Sir Allen for the wonderful BIRTHDAY TREAT.

To know more about Mr. Allen visit his blog at Silkenhut.com.

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