If you want the number one TV provider in the nation, look no farther than Direct TV! From California to Maine, customers are satisfied with their service from Direct TV. Direct TV California programming deals are unequaled. Direct TV California packages range from 50 channels to over 250 channels. The Direct TV California line-up includes the best sports programs available, movies, children's programs, local and national programs, news, weather, and much more. Watch these quality programs in up to four rooms of your home with 100% digital quality signaling.

Direct TV California offers over 130 HD channels. You are sure never to miss your favorite shows when you use the on-screen program guide to search for programs up to two weeks in advance. It also offers programming in Spanish. Choose Direct TV Spanish programming for the most comprehensive Spanish and English-language programming experience at an affordable price. If features more than 55 Spanish-language channels, including sports, movies, news, music and educational networks, pus English-language channels. If you are a sports buff, Direct TV California offers a wide variety of sports programming to satisfy any fan. Watch boxing, soccer, baseball, football, golf, and much more! If you are a music lover, turn on the TV for a Direct TV music experience. Direct TV offers audio-only channels that range from choices like Soft Rock, Jazz and Country to Hit List, Easy Listening, and more. And, as a bonus, your Direct TV service is compatible with some surround sound systems to provide you with the ultimate listening experience.

Think about getting a Direct TV California DVR service. If you aren't home for the big game or that afternoon soap opera, record it and watch it later! And you can even fast forward through all of the commercials!

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