Malaysia gambling laws prohibit residents from participating in sportsbook betting. The police, however, are having a difficult time stopping people from betting in a sportsbook because of the Internet. It is very easy to find an illegal sportsbook with just a simple search on a search engine, and nearly impossible to trace all of the activity of residents. Police chief, Zainuddin Yaakob, stated that the police are starting to crack down on illegal sportsbooks and that a special task force has been created to help monitor gambling in a sportsbook done on the internet.

Datuk Mokhtar Shariff says the police are taking every measure they can to stop the illegal sportsbook action. The task force tries to understand how bookies think and use this to catch them. Over 1700 computers have been seized in connection to sportsbook set up in Malaysia and the count continues to rise. Not only is sportsbook betting illegal in Malaysia, but the country's government is upset that they cannot even benefit from the taxes that should be collected on winnings because there is no way to monitor it.

There is no doubt that the Malaysia police consider sportsbook betting to be a serious problem and a crime that needs to be dealt with Illegal sportsbook betting is actually a worldwide problem, but not many police forces feel they are equipped to handle the situation as it is too difficult to control activity on the Internet and bookies are known to change their username and password multiple times per week. Malaysia police have a big job ahead of them, but feel confident they can get the point across that illegal sportsbook betting will not be tolerated in the country and that those found to be participating in an illegal sportsbook will be prosecuted at a high penalty.

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