If you are looking for Plants vs. Zombies game cheat, then you are in the right place. Got here a list of some working cheat codes and secrets I found from the internet. Thanks to Mr. Macuha.

I hope this stuff will make your Plants vs. Zombies game experience more exciting.

Plants vs. Zombies Cheat Codes.

Just type these codes while playing the game. By the way some of the codes may require your Tree of Wisdom to be of certain height before it will work.

- pinata: When a zombie dies, you'll see a shower of candies!
- future: The zombies will have futuristic shades.
- tohot: You will get infinite sun.
- trickedout: Alternative lawn mower appearance.
- daisies: When zombies die, they will leave small daisies behind.
- mustache: All zombies now have mustaches!
- dance: The zombies will dance.

If you have any suggestions, cheat codes or secrets not included above, please feel free to tell me by commenting below.

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I hope I can find Plants vs. Zombies for PSP.

Anyway, Enjoy Playing.

Image Source: http://pcmedia.ign.com/

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