Congratulations to all September 2009 Bar Exam Passers.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 successful Board Passers!

1. Reiner Yebra - 84.80 San Beda
2. Charlene May Tapic - 84.60 San Beda
3. John Paul Lim - 84.50 Ateneo Law
4. Caroline Lagos - 84.40 UP Law
5. Eric David Tan - 84.05 Ateneo Law
6. Yvi Randolf Gonzales - 83.90 Ateneo Law
7. Joan Mae To - 83.65 Ateneo Law
8. Herminio Bagro III - 83.40 UP Law
9. Timothy Joseph Lumauig - 83.20 Ateneo Law
10. Naella Rose Bainto - 83.10 Ateneo Law
10. Sheila Abigail Go - 83.10 Ateneo Law

Cheers to all passers, by the way I included a chat room exclusively for Bar Exam Passers from where it is simultaneously connected with other blogs so that you may easily greet your new Law Passer friend.

List of Successful Examiness of 2009 Bar Examinations

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