My Dream House

It is been a long time since I post my very own personal blog post, since I post mostly about the latest information’s I had gather all over the internet. From following Manny Pacquiao’s Fight to sharing sentiments about entertainment latest issues. Actually I have nothing to say about something new about myself, and I am just here to feel a bit different at all.

It is vacation time here in the Philippines and I really wonder where are we going to celebrate it. I am really excited to what I will going to see this year aside from wonderful and amazing houses that I usually see.

Anyway let us just take a break about what I am wishing for this vacation and let us talk about my dream house. I dream of living a house with lovely landscapes, wonderful terrace around the rooftop, a big living room, relaxing entertainment rooms, simple kitchen and a delightful dining room, a shower room with designer radiators, mini library, and one romantic garden. This is my wonderful dream house.

Magnificent it may look but what I wished more is not to have big houses, luxurious cars, all I dream for is to live with people I call family.

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