Theoretically Forecasted Wrong

Early this day I received some of my most awaited bills from my various subscription of services. From Electric, to Water Bills, Internets Bills and so on. But just as I had got my billing with my Cards credits I noticed some discrepancy with my Interest charge that got me very annoyed. It had been far more different from what I had forecasted to received. Unfortunately, its my fault. As a novice in the field of credits I don't have the right or correct idea on how to compute my charges. Hence, I am not familiar with the difference of paying from cut off dates compare with paying before due dates. As I consult some of my friends from the bank and experts in handling credits in the office they taught of me about this differences. And from the very point of this time I really got a nice idea on how I could effectively play along with Interest charges without having myself dumped with high and higher charges. This just only happen because noticeably I miscalculated my savings status and got a little bit short and decided to partially pay my bill, having the idea that the interest would be computed based on the remaining balance. Anticipatedly, I am wrong due to the difference of cut off and due dates. Like as I said this time, my knowledge regarding this credits game of life gained more and knowingly much more on how to handle this kind of interest bearing game of life's realities makes my life more easy, savy and convenient.

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