HAU Prof charged . . .

Heard about this not so good news about my Alma mater school Holy Angel University regarding this scandalous charged against one of the English Instructor of Holy. I really got ashamed with the news heard. Got known of this early morning in the office and thought that this issue would just be known here in Angeles. But then just got surprised to watch this story in Philippine National TV GMA 7. Really got embarrassed with my former school having scandalous teachers that may brought Holy Angel a bad image to all university not just here in Pampanga but to whole Philippines. Allegedly the said instructor was charged violating RA 7610 ( law against child abuse and mandates the protection of women and children).

As former Alumnus of Holy Angel University I pity to have my Alma mater to faced such scandal. Holy Angel molded me as someone to be productive and to live life more, and being a God fearing person. Still I have this credibility in my mind how Holy Angel be second home for our dear young students. Holy Angel starts to mark as one of the University that produces quality professionals and I am proud to have Holy Angel as one of my molders, mentors making me as me.

I am praying for Holy Angel immediate actions regarding this issue and once and for all clear this allegations. Accusations may be true or not but I guess having the Instructor dismissed from the University would be a good move. Having the image of not tolerating such acts true or not.


The next big search would be the truth behind.

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  1. aaLiL  

    February 25, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    NIce Post..keep share.
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