Added some cool stuffs with Winziph, aside from having winziph assign with its short free domain, Winziph received its new additional fun features inside its blog appearance. Added to the family is Sasuke, For those who are not familiar with the one that walks alone that you could see at the lower right of Winziph, He's name is Sasuke. Added Sasuke because aside it had been one of my favorite Naruto character it somehow makes me compare myself with what the themes portray. Just like how Sasuke looks below I walks with life alone, got bruises alone, faces each day as if nobody's around. Its me and this how I probably feel being me, searching for something that I don't have any idea of what was it be. For those familiar with Sasukes background I guess everyone would agree with me. Sasuke had been clueless of what is reality feeling harsh. Dreaming to become strong and proving being someone and somebody. Its life and we can't deny the fact that there would be no such easy way. Its a matter of how strong you would be. Its Sasuke, and this is me. Back to what you may notice more with Winziph, and this is the favicon beside Winziph name. Customizing and making Winziph Favicon personalize gave me a hard time at the first time I start to read on how to's. Anyway after lots of trials and errors, seeking advices I finally got the right answer on how I can effectively generate Winziph favicon. Even the number SEARCH that appears with Google with Favicon doesn't help me anyway it may help a little as it links me with to more successful and effective way to customize it. Thats for all, again trying to search for the NEXT BIG thing with Winziph developments.

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