I thought NBA 2010 Championship would going to be battle for Orlando’s Magic revenge after their defeat last season. But everything turns the different way, NBA 2010 Championship is not just about defending their crown as NBA’s number one but as well to battle for Los Angeles’ Lakers revenge against Boston Celtics.

Actually I am looking for a different story this season with Cleaveland Cavaliers as one of the contenders for NBA 2010 Championship, unfortunately they loss during their Quarter match up.

Anyway as sports betting gain very famous nowadays especially with basketball games like NBA. I am sure lots of fanatics like Lakers and Celtics fans casted their bets between the two NBA Championship contenders.

Lets get in the ball game. First game is started and Boston Celtics taste their first game defeat against Los Angeles Lakers who is thirst with revenge. Boston is well known as one of the opponent who use to be more physical, but even though they are known with that game, Los Angeles play more aggressively letting Kobe Bryant contributed his game-high 30 points that leads to 102-89 first blood win with NBA 2010 Championship.

You, who is your bet?

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