It was just five years way back when YouTube founders launched the first beta version of YouTube from where it aims to just give anyone a place to easily upload and share their videos around the globe. YouTube create a global influence and communities around the world.

Currently YouTube now exceeds over two billion of views a day. YouTube started as site for vloggers aka video bloggers.

Lots of people also take advantage of YouTube making them instant YouTube Celebrity and were discovered online like Lady Gagita, Jovit Baldivino, Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda to mention a few. One thing I love with YouTube aside from their very innovative platform of spreading news and stories is that I have given a chance to get an update with my favorite shows just like American's Best Dance Crew season five Poreotix.

YouTube platforms evolved from HD and 3D, as they also broadcasted entire sports seasons live for almost about 200+ countries around the globe.

YouTube Turns Five! 2 Billion Views Per Day

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