Personas for Firefox

Dress up your firefox browser is just easy as one two and three. With Personas for Firefox everything will just take seconds, making your browser customized and cool.

Personas for Firefox was made to modify and give your favorite internet browser firefox a new look. With this fun tool you may express yourself freely more.

Personas for Firefox offers tons and tons of free and cool backgrounds you could choose from. One more thing I like about the persona is they allow you to create your own persona of choice.

Just visit Personas for Firefox to get your free Firefox background theme.

Customizing your background theme is too easy, you only need to have click wear with your chosen background and from there your background theme will change. But before you could do that you must have their add-on installed.

Get it here Personas Add-On.

There you have it, start customizing your firefox theme.

By the way, if you wanted to have your default firefox theme back, just go to tools then Add-ons and go to themes and just click uninstall.

Enjoy customizing.

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