May 10 Philippine Elections

May 10 Philippine Elections will going to be one historical event, not just because we will going to vote for our 15th President, it is because this will going to be our first automated election. Hopefully everything will go smooth as we Filipinos vote for our future. Be responsible and vote.

Personally I am going to vote for Richard Gordon as my President and Jejomar Binay as my Vice President. Not because I personally know them, it is because I believe they have the capabilities.

Anyway, I strongly disagree with Presidential Surveys because they just only make confusion. It is our responsibility to choose who we think capable and not with someone who is famous with just of thousands of survey recipients. It is our duty to vote for who we believe. Be a responsible voter.

By the way I also come up with my list of 12 senatorial bets but this is still tentative till I am done having any idea about their future plans with our beloved country Philippines.

Senatorial Bets (Tentative)
1. Bongbong Marcos
2. Gilbert Remulla
3. Adel Tamano
4. Satur Ocampo
5. Lisa Maza
6. Bong Revilla Jr.
7. Tito Sotto
8. Juan Ponce Enrile
9. Frank Drilon
10. Miriam Defensor Santiago
11. Jinggoy Estrada
12. Alex Tinsay

Party List
Green Force

This are just my personal choices and I have no intentions to influence your personal candidates choice. By the way I personally advice you to have your own list of candidate too, so that it would be easy for you to shade your personal candidates. To have a copy of the candidates list you may download COMELEC Sample Ballot at COMELEC SAMPLE BALLOT.

By the way the image above is the PCOS machine that will going to be use this coming May 10 automated election. PCOS stands for Precint Count Optical Scan.

Be responsible. Cast your VOTES! Vote Wisely!

Pinoy Elections: Presidentiables

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