God of War 3

God of War 3 will be released this March 16, 2010 for PlayStation 3. You read it right, the third installment of ultra violent game of God of War is out. God of War is developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony. God of War 3 will also be available in Australia this March 18, March 19 in Europe and March 25 in Japan.

Definitely this would not going to be the last God of War installment after the success of the other God of War installment: God of War Chains of Olympus (got a copy of it with my PSP-3000), God of War, God of War Betrayal and God of War II.

What's new with God of War? Violence is still there which give gamer great combat experience. And the graphics, well 100% best.

By the way this game is too violent so I advised it as not for kids.

And to give you an idea about what you could expect from PS3 God of War 3 game trailer just take a good sneak peak below.

Image Source: http://comenzarjuego.com

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