March 15, 2010 marks the 25th year of .COM existence. I am really amazed to know that .COM is just a year ahead of me.

Fast facts about the birth of .COM. The first ever .COM domain registered is which is registered by the now-defunct company Symbolics. They said that .COM (read as dot com) growth is not a boom and just been little noticed. After the registration there are only five more domains registered throughout the year.

The World Wide WEB much more known as the Internet was not popular till the late 90's. Popularity of Internet rise after manufacturers such as Microsoft comes out of the scene. Then things started to move fast. Information Technology grow and grow till now. Currently there are about 600,000 domain names registration each and every month. Internet innovations grows rapidly each day, from were Internet becomes part of our daily living.

Internet names such as Internet Explorer, Google, Ebay, Paypal, MySpace, Facebook, Google Earth, Apple, Twitter, Youtube and many more gain popularity after it and perhaps becomes part of our daily life activities.

Online activities become more of just acquiring information but as part of daily lives, some learn from it and some earn a living from it and I can't deny the fact that most of us were influence with this fast pace Internet era.

Fast facts about .COM 25th Anniversary:

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