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It has been a hectic week for everyone probably but we have to share some updates that everyone searches for. And for this week would be one of the most controversial issues that shatters the whole showbiz industry, the so called Katrina's video. This past few weeks Katrina's video become one of the most word of mouth of every Filipino. And recently and probably as of this time ranked as the most search item in the internet. Its all in the news, social interactions, talk-about, radios, especially in this fastest world of info exchanging, the internet. As the issue started in the national television, the traffic for the search of Katrina's video enormously increased as for those who are curious with the said video increase in numbers. Extremely, visits with youtube and other video streaming sites greatly increase its visits as the issue become more and more popular in the public.

As I search any update about the issue in the internet I had found something interesting article to be read with Pinoymoneytalk and this about the download rate of Katrina's video and with shocked found out that our area gains to rank as number two with the most download of the said video. Funny to see that there are lots of Angelenos who had been interested with this kind of contreversies.

Heres the Top Five List:

1. Tacloban
2. Angeles
3. Cagayan de Oro
4. Quezon City
5. Makati

For the complete info with this you may check PinoyMoneyTalk

Even though I had no power to cease everyone's curiosity with the said video I would like to request everyone to give peace with the victims of the said video. Drastically they are experiencing shame with what had come out with them which seems not to be their fault but just a downtrodden victims who had take advantage with them. And again I would like to extend peace to all the victims. Its about understanding and not judging.

Image Source: http://chuvachienes.com

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