Happy Mothers Day

It has been a great time to honor one of the most loyal ally of ourselves. The one who would be always there no matter what. The greatest living thing that God had provided us our moms, mother, mommy, mama, nanay or whatever we call her. As everyone knows, we could never be here without her, her hardships to have ourselves survive with this tough world. The one who guided us since the first time we experience how to breathe, to stand, to walk, to play, and to be independent. The one who taught and care for us. Though sometimes we felt never been understood but still we can't deny the fact that moms stills know what would be best for her child. Many of us forget the true meaning of her sacrifice as we grow, though it maybe somehow unfair for her that we don't even notice her works still she loves us more. As we recall every good things she had taught us we should never forget to return the love she deserved. The thanks for letting us experience the most wonderful thing that everyone most neglects to forget due to problems we face. There would be no such thing as being too late to show are thanks to the person we owe more. As the whole world celebrates this day of showing our love, care and thanks to the most hardworking and loving person we had, I would like to extend my thanks to all mothers in the whole world. You had been always the BEST of everything we had. Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. Hannah  

    May 11, 2009 at 7:10 AM

    I live in the UK so Mother's Day for us is in March. Takes some getting your head round reading transatlantic blogs! I was convinced for about 5 minutes the other day that I'd forgotten it!