Earth Hour Special Thanks

Winziph would like to extend its appreciation to all those who participated yesterdays Earth Hour specially to all Filipinos who gave part of their time to care for our one home "earth". Earth Hour is not just an ordinary yearly celebration that each and one of us celebrates, its one way of teaching us how to discipline ourselves in terms of caring our one and only home "earth". Sacrificing for earth doesn't just stop after this Earth Hour event but taught us that in our own simple ways, we could make a difference. Its been obvious for each and everyone of us about this climate changes that happens around the globe, its been an obvious effect of this global warming. And to lessen this effect we could help by practicing energy conservation, switching off every unused electric gadgets, appliances, etc. Earth is counting on us. In return to Earth that gives us shelter we must also act to have a much better earth to live with. And to all those who participated switching lights off I salute you. You showed the best part of loving our one and only home.

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  1. amiable amy  

    April 3, 2009 at 10:41 PM

    my mother in the Philippines participated...that is for a good cause dapat suportahan talaga