Gathering all my ideas to come up with a very ideal thought of what am I expecting for 2009, Personally, Socially, Spirituality etc. Am I expecting something big? Well sure everyone expect something, and me I personally thought that 2009 would allow me to experience a great change. A big CHANGE, unexpected changes that would or could somehow make me more different. Having a life far more different from all that we wanted to have. A chance that would give us a big break, an unexpected turn of events, life full of happiness. Our life sure to give us lots of difficulties and sometimes gives us a really hard time but that just makes us more. I live with a life full of questions, I find myself hard to be understand but nevertheless it is me, this is me. My life have been in a roller coaster ride and I believe it is just one thing that makes us more stronger and tougher. I live with the thought that we live for a reason, probably we haven't thought of it but one thing sure its within us who define us. We could dream for a change, everything have its own time, and I live with it. It takes time, everything we do happens for it is their time. I am a loner and live having no people around, it might be just only in my mind but that is what I thought of. I live an unhappy life since the time I learn how to understand things. Got difficulties in expressing myself. But one thing I am proud of me is that I never lose hope, I dream a lot, try to look life in a more positive way. I never regret being me. Wish 2009 could give me big hit of changes that would make my life a more wonderful journey to live in.

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