Kasperksy + Zone Alarm

Valentines over and I guess I have to work on much more about something that wont dreadfully kill myself, anyway just another normal day, waking up, fixing myself, go to work, checks lots of papers, morning greetings, texting, going home, having my favorite gadget on "my PC", starting to thought of something I can add with my favorite gadget, and to just add one more thing, checking all my email accounts from google to yahoo, checking messengers, updating all my blog accounts, checking all income generating activities in the internet unluckily the movement is too slow and I need to try to read more and to learn much more on hows to. Anyway as for today's computer hopping, I guess I would try the question that boggles my mind, this is to combine both Kaspersky and Zone Alarm together. I really wonder if that would just be fine, because as I got my Kaspersky install they told me that I have to uninstall all my Antivirus naming Mr. AVG and Mr. McAfee, guess those two would be reasonable to be remove for the reason that it would have conflicts with Mr. Kasper (short for Kaspersky) services. As I go on with my installation Mr. Kasper requested Zone Alarm to be uninstall and with my shock I really got sad because I really like Zone Alarm to be part of my security team againts all those malicious files that flocks the internet. I thought they would not have conflicts because of the main reason that Mr. Kasper main service is to protect you PC from viruses and Mr. Zone Alarm service is to provide much better firewalls. Though Mr. Kasper have its own firewall protection I guess having Zone Alarm could have your PC much more protected. From there I got my post from Symbianize to ask recommendations regarding my problem. Happily a sweet reply received from Kaspersky Forum that indicates that having Kaspersky install then Zone Alarm after would be just fine. I just have to follow the order of each installation and it won't receive any errors. As of this time I am trying to give Zone Alarm one more chance to be part of my PC security team. I really love Mr. Kasper bein my team leader against malicious files and if that would be a reason having Zone Alarm away from my PC protection team I guess I would go dropping Zone Alarm. Anyways I am hoping for good and wish both of them would be a great team.

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