I like Pepsi's new Pepsi Pinas TVC TV Commercial and it does remind me of the old action films lines. The commercial concept is very appealing especially to Filipino's just like Mcdo's Lolo commercial.

Job well done Pepsi's creative team.

Pepsi Pinas - Sa Akin Ang Pinas Synopsis:

Patola Forces SPOG1 (Alvarez) goes head to head with Berdugo ng Barangay Sanggano (Boy Balbon) in an explosive battle for Pinas.
2 men, 1 bottle and an unquenchable thirst for glory. Who will prevail?

Main Cast: Boy Balbon, SPOG1 Alvarez, Pepsi Pinas
Supporting Cast: Ampalaya Goons, Upo Goons, Upo Sniper, Patola Forces
Director: Dhenzel Weta
Writer: Annkor Tis
Film Producer: In The Name of Love Productions
Music Director: Tirso Cruz Diether
Genre: Pinoy Action
Release Year: 2011

For a limited time only, Pepsi Pinas now showing at convenience stores, groceries and Manang's Tindahan.

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  1. Semidoppel  

    June 6, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    we have featured the same funny commercial haha