I bet Derrick Rose for NBA MVP because I find him to be the most improved player as he manage to carry Chicago Bull as one.

LeBron James on the other hand seems to be a promising MVP though I find him working with talented group-mates.

This is the reaason why I bet for Derrick Rose as one of the most realistic chance to take home a regular-season MVP award.

5. Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder
Average: 27.7 PPG; 6.80 RPG

4. Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers
Average: 25.2 PPG; 5.20 RPG; 4.8 APG

3. Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic
Average: 23.2 PPG; 14.3 RPG

2. LeBron James - Miami Heat
Average: 26.5 PPG; 7.5 RPG; 6.8 APG

1. Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls
Average: 25.0 PPG; 7.9 APG

Who's your bet? 

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