I started blogging because of the dream of managing my very own website. Blogs are not that popular way back then that is why I wonder how I could make a website without those complicated things like css, html codes etc. Here came this blogging era from where everything seems to be less complicated, then I learned more of this blogging activities through reading a lot of online tutorials and tips.

Currently I am now managing my very own blogs and aside from fulfilling that dream I also learned how to make this blogs productive and gave me additional income. I started blogging at the age of 22 and that was way back 2008, I started earning from blogs thru article writing then I learned about Google Adsense way of passive income.

Like what I said on my ABOUT page, I am not a good blog writer. I am a graduate of BS Business Administration Major in Accounting and not a  Journalism major, I just write for the sake of sharing my personal thoughts.

My blogging goals this 2011 is to learn a lot, earn a lot and have more blog visitors. I thought of achieving this through reading a lot and following those Blog gurus that I idolize.

This will going to be my official entry for Coolbuster.net ExtraBloganza Contest.

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Coolbuster.net ExtraBLOGanza Contest

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  1. Coolbuster  

    January 22, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    Got your entry. Good luck bro!

  2. alohagems  

    February 25, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    Good to know. I joined the contest too: Here's my entry:
    New Blogger Strategies and Goals