One of the advantages of being cyber-smart is that you can apply all that know-how to better manage your monthly expenses. Think about it -- a decade ago, shopping for the best auto insurance coverage took as much as a whole day out of your life, running from agent to agent, or haggling over the phone to get quotes. Today, with one or two clicks of the mouse, you're done. You can get back to your game, and may even save enough money to treat yourself to a few new ones!

Before you get online, have your paperwork in hand. Know the details about the coverage you already have, and you'll be better prepared with all the vital info you need to really shop and compare prices on what's out there. Quotes are always free, so try and get more than one.

Don't wait until the last minute to renew. If your existing policy lapses, it could cost you a bundle to get back on board, and you'll pay heavy penalties and in some cases, could even be denied.

If you're not familiar with a provider, you may want to investigate their reputation before you sign. What good is cheap coverage if your provider has a poor track record for fair and timely compensation of claims? Ask someone you trust to give you a referral. Get a professional on the phone, if possible, and get a real understanding, in English, about what all that terminology means.

Remember, a lot of things have probably changed in your life since you bought your existing policy. Insurance companies reward people with years of accident-free driving, and for all you know, those speeding tickets you got in college could have finally dropped off your record. Knowing that could save you a ton! Your last birthday might have put you in a better age-bracket for a discount, and that's worth looking into! 

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