After meeting StarCraft 2 System Requirements I am sure you are ready for action and of course StarCraft 2 would not be more fun without entering some cheats and because of that I had listed here all active cheats that are available for StarCraft 2.

StarCraft Cheat List:

Reminder: Achievements are turned off as soon as you use cheat code.
This only works with Single Player Campaigns.

During the game just press ENTER and type the cheats below.

1. "terribleterribledamage" Effect: GOD Mode baby! You're units will become invulnerable.
FYI: This word is reference to Dustin Browder of Blizzard Entertainment Senior Designer who frequently use the phrase "terrible terrible damage" in his battle reports and exhibition matches.

2. "whysoserious" Effect: Adds 5000 credits to the Hyperion Battlecruiser.
FYI: This word is reference to Dark Knight's Joker played by Heath Ledger when he ask his victims why they are always so serious and smiling.

3. "moredotsmoredots" Effect: You can build units for FREE.
FYI: This word is referrence to Hearing Dives and his immortal cry, "Throw more DoTs more DoTs more DoTs!" for an attempt to win against the dragon Onyxia from World of Warcraft. DoT means Damage ove Time.

4. "realmendrilldeep" Effect: Gives you instant 5,000 vespene gas.
FYI: This word is reference to the game titled "The Epic Tome contest for SC2 Beta key. "Real Men Drill Deep" is written by user CrowToss which tells of one man's recollections on the current state of things (in the StarCraft universe)

5. "jaynestown" Effect: Gives you terrazine
FYI: The word is reference to the seventh episode of science-fiction series Firefly by Joss Whedon.

6. "tyuhasleftthegame" Effect: Disable victory conditions.
FYI: The word is reference to the second Blizzard Battle Report where the message "tyu has left the game!" appeared.

7. "sosayweall" Effect: Disable tech tree requirements.
FYI: The word is reference to the concluding response to prayer in the Colonial faith, "so say we all". It's from Battlestar Galactica.

8. "eyeofsauron" Effect: When you are out of a mission (like on the hyperion), when you activate this and a menu will pop up where you can choose to watch cutscenes.
FYI: The word is reference to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Eye of Sauron.

Thanks to Sir Ark Hilario for the cheat list. By the way if you wanted to share some other StarCraft 2 cheats for PC, please don't be shy to share them by posting your comments below.

Have Fun!

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