DOTA 6.68 Map Download is currently on progress so for the mean time you may try downloading DOTA previous map version.

DOTA 6.67 Map Download here.

Here's a sneak preview about DOTA 6.68 Map released. According to new heroes are expected to be out and additional features will be added. New concept with Gold mechanics will be implemented between Reliable vs Unreliable Gold.

Reliable Gold are bounties that you get from killing heros and from "aoe kill god" bonus are addittions with your Reliable Gold pool

Unreliable God are golds that you get from creep kills, neutrals, etc.

With this new implementations golds that will be taken with you are golds that comes from your Unreliable Gold first before your Reliable Gold.

Example: If you have 900 total gold (500 Unreliable, 400 Reliable). If you buy Boots of Speed then you will going to have 400 total gold left (0 Unreliable, 400 Reliable).

Helpful DOTA Tools:

DOTA Item Shortcut Key
Warcraft 1.24e Version Switcher
DOTA Inventory A+

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DOTA 6.68 Map Download

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