Cash Advance 101 Tips

This is not just an ordinary day for us employees. Actually, today is our payday and we expect to withdraw our salaries from the ATM. Unfortunately we receive nothing at all. Poor us, according to management today’s payroll is erroneously included for the next payroll date. Anyway, the management told us that they already fix the problem and that funds are already settled and can be withdraw tomorrow, thank God.

Since we are talking about money, I found some interesting way of getting money, and this is cash advance.

Cash advance is an easy way of receiving money instantly. But you must take into consideration some of the important details about it before engaging into any transaction related. Remember, when you apply for cash advance, charges apply, meaning don’t expect to received the full amount you applied for. Finance charge, Service charge are some of the things that will be deducted to the amount you applied for.

It is advisable that you use cash advance as your way of covering your current debts. And don’t forget to pay it on or before your due date so that will not receive any penalty from the lender. And also try to be familiar with the terms you and the lender have agreed upon, due dates, charges etc. Remember, cash advance are use as substitute to help you cover your present cash flow problem and not as your privilege to spend more than your means.

Be responsible, cash advance are good answer for your financial problems but if you’re not going to use it wisely, it would just lead you to a lot of problems especially financially. It is wise to settle your debts as soon as you recover financially. Maintain your good reputation as borrower so that the next time you need funds your lender will not think twice letting you borrowed from him.

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  1. chaada  

    June 30, 2010 at 1:32 AM

    ill want sometimes to cash advance :)