After IYAZ hit song SOLO, here's another must check music from Jason Derulo 'In My Head' from his single release debut album. For the video of it you may check YouTube | Jason Derulo | In My Head [Official Video].

I included the lyrics of this top charting Billboard music here at Winziph just check it below.

In My Head - Jason Deluro

Jason Derulo.

Deluga Heights.

J J J J J R.

Come on.

Everybodys looking for love. Oh. Oh.
Aint that the reason you're at this club. Oh. Oh.
You ain't gonna find a dance with him. No. Oh.
Got a better solution for you girl. Oh. Oh.

Just stay with me now.

Say the word and we'll go.
I'll be your teacher. I'll show you the ropes.
You'll see a side of love you've never known.
I can see it going down, going down.

In my head, I see you all over me.
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.
You'll be screaming no.
In my head, it's going down.
In my head, it's going down.
In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah.

Some dudes know all the right things to say.
When it comes down to it. its just a game.
Instead of talking let me demonstrate. Yeah.
Get down to business lets skip foreplay.

Just leave with me now

Repeat I and Chorus.

Break it down. Ay-oh. Come on. Ay-oh. Ay-oh
You singing to me baby in my head right now. Ay-oh. Ay-oh. Come on.
She'll be screaming out when it all goes down.

Just leave with me now.

Repeat I
Repeat Chorus 2X

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