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Poreotix is Americas Best Dance Crew!!!

About 15 million of votes were cast during the Americas Best Dance Crew Season - 5 Poreotix Finale and it was been the narrowest margin for ABDC history. The group won $100,000.

My bet is right, they are going to win. Congratulations!.

This coming Thursday, April 15 live 10PM EDT will be ABDC All Star Reunion of all ABDC Season champions from Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes to Poreotix.

Asian Rules!!! Did you know that most of the America's Best Dance Crew came from Asia most especially here in Philippines. A bit of facts: Jabawockeez members are compose of Asian American, Filipino American, Latino, and African American while Super Crew members are compose of Filipino and Puerto Rican while Quest Crew are composed of Asian American and Filipino American, while on the other hand We Are Heroes are composed of an all girl group dancers.

Lastly, Poreotix are composed of Asian Dancers who mostly grew up in America. For more details about Poreotix you may visit their official site at Poreotix.com.

Go Asian Boys!!!

Image Source: http://poreotix.com/

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  1. Honey  

    April 16, 2010 at 2:36 AM

    I love the way they dance full of energy and humor... They are so funny!