IYAZ - Solo

Just heard this new song from the television and felt to be worth sharing to all those who never heard about it.

Solo was just released this March 2010 which was sung by British Virgin Island song artist Iyaz. This was the second single released from his album titled "My Life" This will be expected to be released in UK this coming May 17, 2010.

As I first heard this song I had thoughts in my mind that this would going to be a hit. By the way just I like the melody of the song I found part of the lyrics to be interested that's why I quoted some of them.

"I said I don't want to walk this earth, if I gotta do it solo"

"See girl we used to be a team, running the streets, yeah we was living out our dream"

"Cuz, I was so high, and now I'm so low, And I don't wanna walk around alone; I said I don't want to walk this earth, if I gotta do it solo"

For those who are interested to hear the song, just check the video below this also contains lyrics of it. Enjoy and have fun.

I will going to get a digital copy of this for my PSP music collection
: )

IYAZ - Solo

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