Hi, here's the list of some of my favorite PSP Homebrew, Applications and Games which are currently working with my PSP 3000.

1. CPS2PSP 2.3.1 Capcom Arcade Emulator
2. UO gPSP kai Gameboy Advance Emulator
3. PSPKVM v0.5.4 Java Installer
4. NesterJ Nintendo Emulator
5. GoTube 1.1 Youtube Homebrew
6. Sega Genesis Emulator
7. Book Reader V8.1 PDF and Txt File Reader
8. PSPedict V0.1 Kanji Japanese Dictionary
9. 5.03 GEN-C CFW Updater
10. Adhoc File Transfer v0.7 File Transfer Homebrew
11. Light MP3

Current Games with my PSP
1. Need for Speed Most Wanted 5.1.0
2. Astonishia Story
3. Super Collapse 3
4. Magic Sudoku
5. Gran Turismo
3. God of War - Chains of Olympus
4. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
5. NBA 2k10
6. Patapon 2
7. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes
8. Tekken 6
9. Fight Night Round 3

I really had a bulk of everything of what my 8GB Sony Memory Stick can store and for that I manage to give my PSP 3000, total entertainment performance.

Image Source: http://www.dvd-ripper-copy.com/

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