Happy New Year

Before I start posting some new updates with Winziph, I would like to greet everyone a happy happy new year. Wish that each of us receive all the blessings and keep away all the bad luck 2009 had shared with us. A brighter year awaits for all of us that is why we must give all are best shot. They said that 2010 is year of Tigers, though tigers seems to be interpreted to brought no good luck to everyone unlike with us born in the year of the tiger, lucky me, I pray for a much better year for all us, anyway we still hold our own decisions on how we could have a better year and have a happy life so don't worry too much if you are not born in the year of cute tiger like me LOL. It's our year and I know new things, new surprises awaits us. Wish you all the best of years this 2010. Happy new year to everyone.

Image Source: http://fc06.deviantart.net

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