Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao still reigns as the world number one pound for pound boxer after proving and defeating Ricky "THE HITMAN" Hatton in a terrifying knock out at the second round. In this match it is proven that there are things that EAST can show off against the WEST. Once again the pride of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao shows a great fight from where every Filipino could be proud of again.

It had been an exciting match that shows speed, strength and strategy. Two exciting fighters from where Manny Pacquiao reigns as the best fighter of the night.

I could say that Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao is not just any ordinary boxing superstar but as a lethal weapon to all boxers. Top gun of all worlds boxers. Pacquiao really gives Ricky Hatton a terrifying knock down as Ricky stays lying in the middle ring. It had been the fastest knock Ricky Hatton experience within his boxing career.

Pacquiao new record as of today is 49-3-2 adding one more knock down on his list. This only shows how dominant Pacquiao would be inside the four corner ring of boxing. And as for Manny's coach Roach probably be the best corner man of the night even Mayweather Sr. still insist to be the best coach. Roach really had given Manny a good training routine, advices and strategies.

Anyway it had been a good fight. Pacman just proves to be better and does his job as the number one pound for pound. And for Ricky Hatton, Ricky had been a nice guy, I could say nothing against him, it had been a tough fight and everyone enjoyed it.

Just like every game there could only be one who would reign and standing and its not Ricky. The battle of the east and west had been decided, one more chapter had been ended which only means a new chapter had started. Can't wait till the next fight, though we would never know whats next with our Philippines Lethal fighter Pacquiao what counts is the pride we as Filipino receives as respect in the whole world.

War of the Worlds.

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